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The Mystery FellowshipTM Prayer Project

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The Prayer Project for
Feb 2019


The Mystery FellowshipTM project is an ongoing spiritual gathering of mystics and seekers who practice mystic principles and techniques to help create a finer, happier, more loving world.
You are most welcome to join us in cyberspace and apply your mystical knowledge and compassion to the upliftment and enlightenment of mankind.

The focus of the Mystery Fellowship Project will change each month, as events occur around the world. Sometimes the Project will concentrate on rendering mystical assistance to earthquake victims or homeless people.

At other times, we'll seek to give mystical and metaphysical support to persecuted groups or devastated nations. We'll also direct our mystic practices to ecological and health issues for the planet. We'll focus on any need or suffering wherever it may occur.

If you are new to the Mysteries™, you may not know many mystical principles and techniques to apply in this project at present. If this is the case, your prayers and concern alone are helpful.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced mystic, kindly lend your spiritual knowledge and awakened heart to this project. What a joy it is to practice the Mysteries in spiritual fellowship with other mystics and assist people in need!

What projects we will share. May we witness great changes together!

Friend, come again. Come often.





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